5" Mini Mag Machinist Vise VI-5MINI

5" Mini Mag Machinist Vise VI-5MINI
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Product Description

Mini Mag Machinist Vise - Ideal for 90% of your work VI-5MINI


Setting the Standards in Machine Vises! Raising the Industry Standard for Excellence & Best Quality.

Why a Mini Mag Machine Vise?

Low profile.

Saves valuable work space.

5" full length opening.

Machined Steel Handle.

Closer Tolerances.

Powder Coated Machine Vise.

Hardened Jaws on Machine Vise.

Lighter Weight (27 lbs lighter than 6 inch machinist vise).

Ideal for Grinders and Manual Milling Machines.


Set of two (2) soft jaws VI-JSO1050 $44.00

Set of two (2) standard hardened and ground steel step jaws $109.95

Extra set of two (2) standard hardened and ground steel jaw plates VI-JAW1050 $84.95

Extra Handle (same handle fits our 6", Comp Saver and Mini Mag machine vises) VI-HDL1060 $99.00

Features & Specifications:

5"/ 127 mm jaw width.

The bed height of each vise is 2.500" (63.500mm) within +/-.0005(+/0.0127mm)

Attractive black & silver vein powder coating is much more durable than ordinary paint; won't wear off at the first touch of coolant.

Machine Vise bed is flame-hardened.

Non-lifting movable jaw design.

Semi-hard nickel-plated steel screw.

Needle bearing facilitates greater clamping pressure and is easy to use.

Competitive prices.

53 pound (lbs) shipping weight.

Machine Vise Manufactured in the USA!

Lifetime Warranty

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