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6"GATOR Lathe Chuck 6 Jaw Semi Steel TRU ADJ + Back Plate

6"GATOR Lathe Chuck 6 Jaw Semi Steel TRU ADJ + Back Plate

Item# 1-153-0600
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Product Description

6" GATOR Semi Steel Lathe Chuck 6 Jaw T.I.R 0.0004"
Part No. 1-153-0600 Plus ADAPTER PLATE

6" GATOR Lathe Chuck 6 Jaw

Adjustable Scroll Chucks provide a much higher level of accuracy and repeatability than universal or precision chucks.

Semi Steel bodies and heat treating of critical areas give Gator chucks superior accuracy and long life.

For use on grinders, lathes, rotary tables, indexers and a variety of milling applications.

Easy Set Up, Easy Use!

Along with hardened steel adapters, Gator provides a full complement of spare parts, including soft solid and soft top jaws. Steel Adapters are heat treated for higher accuracy, rigidity and longer life.

Thru Hole 1.654

RPM MAX 2500

6 Jaw with Fine Adjustment

ANSI Master & Top Jaws

2 Piece Tongue & Groove Jaws

4" to 50" Diameter

0.0004" T.I.R

2 Year Warranty

A, D, L & Threaded Fully Finished

Steel Adapters

Produced with Certified Raw Materials

Special Solutions Available up to 50"

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