8" QUICK CHANGE Jaws for Kitagawa B208 TRP-M 200

 8" QUICK CHANGE Jaws for Kitagawa B208 TRP-M 200
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 8" QUICK CHANGE Jaws for Kitagawa B208 TRP-M 200
8" QUICK CHANGE 1.5mm X 60 Chuck Jaws for Kitagawa B208 & SMW Autoblok TRP-M 200

Jaw-Change in FIVE Seconds

The Quick-Change Jaw System, with a change-over time of Five seconds per Jaw, achieves enormous savings when used on chucks with a fine serration of 1/16 x 90 or 1.5 mm x 60 degree. The high repeat accuracy of 0.02 mm makes the Quick-Change system suitable for high-precision applications as well as roughing opperations.

Shown Above the supporting jaw (middle) can be equipped with different clamping inserts in a matter of seconds. At left, a Soft Jaw Insert; at right, a Hard CLAW Jaw Insert.

The Quick-Change Jaw System consists of supporting and changing jaws. For O.D. clamping of rough and finished parts. Jaw change with repeat accuracy, it is only necessary to loosen the locking device with an Allen key, remove the jaw, and replace it with another one. This procedure eliminates the possibility of incorrect positioning. Six-sided form-fit clamping provides for maximum process stability in locked state, and allows high power and torque transfer. Three supporting jaw versions are available for small, medium, and large clamping ranges.

Hard CLAW Inserts for different diameters and clamping ranges, as well as Soft Interchangeable Inserts for machining of finished parts.

The Versatile Quick-Change jaw system reduces Jaw Change time up to 95%.

A special feature: selection of the interchangeable insert allows expansion of the clamping range by up to 16 mm without changing the supporting jaw, which today already means a 300% advantage over conventional chucks.

8" Support Jaws for Kitagawa B208

0149169 TRP-M 200-1 SUPPORT JAW

0149170 TRP-M 200-2 SUPPORT JAW

0149171 TRP-M 200-3 SUPPORT JAW


HARD CLAW Inserts:

0149220 PEK 20mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149225 PEK 25mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149230 PEK 30mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149235 PEK 35mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149240 PEK 40mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149245 PEK 45mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149250 PEK 50mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149255 PEK 55mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149260 PEK 60mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

0149265 PEK 65mm, HARD CLAW INSERT

SOFT Inserts:

0149340 PEW 40mm, SOFT INSERT

0149360 PEW 60mm, SOFT INSERT

0149380 PEW 80mm, SOFT INSERT

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