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8" Jaw Boring Ring

8" Jaw Boring Ring

8" Jaw Boring Ring
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Product Description

Ajax 8" Soft Jaw Boring Ring



How Chuck Jaw Boring Rings Works

* For power and manual lathe chucks.
* Save 75% on set up time and get truer to tolerance on bored out jaw.
* East to Use: Just Insert bolts in hole of soft jaws
* Tightin 3 Socket head cap screws onto 3 top jaws.
* Close the Chuck, and Bore! As simple as that!

* 3 Knurled post pick up size by mounting closer to center on further from center:
As you position where you want the convex milled slots on the ring.

* 3 Independent knurled post that you insert into your soft jaw counter bores.
No need to loosen on tighten anything.
Buy appling medium chucking pressure the ring locks into place and you are ready to bore.

* You can use one ring to do OD turning in addition to ID turning.
Also keep in mind when picking up all Inside dimentions these rings have excellent T.I.R.
And we can always at anytime reverse all 3 soft jaws and pick up the larger OD as well.

* Helpful hints on better understanding of how these boring rings work.
Basically, the boring ring locks down our soft jaws so we all can bore better and cleaner T.I.R.

*Plus boring ring save on the overall wear & tear on the overall machines itself.

Harden and precision ground all the way around
And stocking boring ring sizes 6" 8" 10" 12" 15"

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