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8" x 2 x 12 Tongue & Groove  Aluminum Chuck Jaws  SET of 3

8" x 2 x 12 Tongue & Groove Aluminum Chuck Jaws SET of 3

Item# CAS8TG12
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Product Description

8" on a 12" DIAMETER American Standard Tongue & Groove Medium Duty Total Grip Aluminum Jaws CAS8TG12

TOTAL GRIP Jaws are used for round and thin wall parts where pressure is applied around the entire part I.D. & O.D.

For: Atlas, Berman, Bison, Buck, BTC, Cushmen, Gator, PhaseII, Rohm, Forkhardt, PBA, Pratt Burnerd America, Strong, SCA, S.P., W&S, Nobel & Yuasa

"Why WRESTLE with those Hard to Handle Chucking Problems... USE "TOTAL GRIP" Aluminum CHUCK Jaws"

Made In The U.S.A

Cast Iron and Steel available

At your request an Ajax Chuck & Jaw Technician can assest in selection of the proper Jaws to fit your application. Ajax sales and service 1 (800) 543-5998


Overall Height (Inch) 2

Groove Width (Decimal Inch) 0.3130

Center Distance Between Mount Holes (Decimal Inch) 1.750

Fastener Size (Decimal Inch) 3/8

Tongue Width (Decimal Inch) 0.500

Diameter (Inch) 12

Material Grade 6061 T6
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