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Accu-Stop 6" Kitagawa B06 B206 Chuck Stop AS-1000

Accu-Stop 6" Kitagawa B06 B206 Chuck Stop AS-1000

Item# AS1000
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Product Description

The Accu-Stop is a precision spindle stop for CNC lathes that provides a solid, precise stopping surface. Allowing you to stop parts anywhere from outside the chuck’s bore to nearly the entire length of the draw tube.

The Accu-Stop is made of low-carbon steel coated with zinc oxide for durability. The stop bolts to the front of the chuck, allowing the work piece and the stop to turn together to eliminate friction, gouging, and damage to the work piece.

Ensures accuracy and repeatability to .0005″ or better.

Made In The U.S.A

6″ Accu-Stop Assembly (18″ of stopping capability)

Length adjustable by adding or removing tube section and adjusting rod. EXTRA SECTIONS AVAILABLE


Face Plate, Sub Face Plate, Three

Extension Tubes, End Cap, Lock Nut

And Threaded Adjustment Rod


Complete Accu Stop Assembly

Special Vise & Strap Wrench


1. Make/Model of lathe

2. Date manufactured

3. Make/Model of chuck

4. Inside diameter of the draw tube.


Deluxe Package Accu Stop with Vise & Wrench AS-P1000

Extra Tube (5" Long) AS-1003

Tubing stop option if machining tubing AS-TSO1000

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