Aloris AXA-19 Quick Change Adjustable Knurling Holder

Aloris AXA-19 Quick Change Adjustable Knurling Holder
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Product Description

Excellent knurling, with approach adjustability, is provided with the newly designed #19 knurling holder.

The #19 is self-centering and is adjusted by means of a conveniently located knurled knob, providing the ideal near-vertical-axis approach angle for a wide range of stock diameters.

Spindle and crossslide pressure are minimal, thus knurling of thin wall tubing is easily performed.

The Aloris #19, which is designed for use in any standard turret tool post or other open-slot holder, is also available with dovetail mounting (series 19) to fit Aloris tool posts.

Precision ground, 3/4" O.D. x 3/8"

2 wide, high-speed medium diamond knurls are supplied.

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