Aloris BXA 3 pc Intro Set 2-IP

Aloris BXA 3 pc Intro Set 2-IP
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Aloris BXA 3 pc Intro Set 2-IP
Aloris BXA Intro Pro Tool Post Lathe Swing 10" to 15"

Precision engineered to assure repetitive accuracy. Advanced design provides built-in quick tool changing versatility with positive rigidity to meet the most exacting workplace tolerances. Quickly and easily installed on any engine lathe, bench or CNC lathe, for a wide range of operations from fine precision work to heavy duty cutting.

The deluxe, affordable beginner's set built by the world's #1 quick change tool post manufacturer.

INTRO-PRO SET (includes one each): Super Precision Tool Post + Machinable T-Nut to fit. #1 Tool Holder TURNING AND FACING HOLDER Takes various sizes of bits. Turning and facing tools can be locked in together. Saves time and labor when changing operations.

#2 Tool Holder BORING, TURNING AND FACING HOLDER "V" groove holds round shank boring bars and tools as well as square tool bits.

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