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Applied Dynamics in Engineering 9780831135225

Applied Dynamics in Engineering 9780831135225

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Applied Dynamics in Engineering 9780831135225

Product Description

Applied Dynamics in Engineering

Michael Spektor

What the experts are saying about this book...

"Michael Spektor’s Applied Dynamics in Engineering addresses the issues..." — Professor Walter Buchanan, Texas A&M University

“Dr. Spektor’s new and independent scholarship on the use of the Laplace Transform is profound.” —Professor Lawrence J. Wolf, Oregon Institute of Technology

"...this is an excellent teaching or reference book for the student or professional engineer." —Wallace Shakun, Former Dean of Technology, Clayton State University, Georgia

“I would have loved it if this book had been available when I was first learning dynamics...” —Carl Wolf, Project Manager, Small Step Innovation, LLC


This new book from Michael Spektor provides solutions for 96 linear differential equations of motion that describe common mechanical engineering problems in dynamics. These equations comprise all possible combinations of param­eters that can be included in the differential equations of motion describing actual engineering systems. A special Guiding Table directs readers to the section of the book with the solution corresponding to the real-life problems of their interest. It is vital reference for students and professionals who are solving problems in Engineering Dynamics.


Includes the analysis of the structure of the differential equation of motion, as well as the analysis of the parameters that constitute this equation, presented in Chapter 1, enabling readers to understand the principles of composing the differential equation of motion for actual engineering systems.

Presents a straightforward, universal methodology for solving linear differential equa­tions of motion based on the fundamentals of Laplace Transform.

Provides Guiding Table 2.1, which uses the combination of resisting and active forces to guide readers to the section of the book that corresponds to the problems they want to solve. This table is also found on the inside front cover.

Each section represents a standalone description of the solutions. There is no need to search through the book for additional information.

Contains all required methodologies and supplemental information for solving the linear differential equations of motion.
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