Baileigh Hydraulic Ironworker SW-501

Baileigh Hydraulic Ironworker SW-501
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Punching, Shearing, Notching, sounds like three machines doesnít it, but with the SW-50 iron worker from Baileigh Industrial, it is all combined in one small and powerful package. Baileigh Industrialís industry leading SW-50 hydraulic iron worker is the perfect addition to any fabrication shop where punching, shearing and notching is required in plate, bar, and various types of angle iron. The versatile design of the SW-50 iron worker boasts 50 tons of vertical pressure to each of its five stations, so the SW-50 can power through most any fabrication requirement. But the best part is that it wonít take up a lot of room in the shop like other iron workers on the market.

True vertical movement at all stations is what sets the Baileigh Industrial line of ironworkers apart from the rest and the SW-50 is no different. The vertical movement produces less deformation and cleaner cuts than the competition. The SW-50 iron worker is designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring a lifetime of productivity for your enterprise. Another nice feature of the SW-50 is available in both single and three phase power versions depending on your power requirements. So mo matter what power you have we have the correct one for you.

The Baileigh Industrial SW-50 steel worker comes standard with many features that the competition makes you pay extra for; seven sets of round punches, oversized working tables, quick change punch system, wastebaskets, swing away material stripper, back gauge, and much more are included.

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