Baileigh Industrial Manual Tube Bender RDB-050

Baileigh Industrial Manual Tube Bender RDB-050
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The RDB-050 manual tube bender was designed as an affordable bender that has enough capacity for just about any chassis fabrication shop. The RDB-050 is revolutionary in design, function and capacity. The RDB-050, from Baileigh Industrial, is extremely powerful and can bend up to 2-1/2" OD mild steel with a wall thickness of .120" and 2" OD Chromalloy with a wall thickness of .120".

The most unique feature of the RDB-050 is that it has three selectable bending speeds. The proper speed for each application depends on the material type, OD and wall thickness. Speed one (4 degrees per pull) has the most torque and would be used for bending 2" OD Chromalloy or 2-1/2" OD mild steel. Speed two produces 8 degrees (for intermediate materials), while speed three produces 12 degrees (for lighter gauge materials) with each pull. Also, the RDB-050 can bend in one shot without having to stop and reset the machine

The RDB-050 manual tube bender has no disassembly or assembly needed to produce a bend. Simply walk up to the RDB-050 and put your tubing into the hook arm insert and begin bending. When the bend is complete, return the machine to the home position and pull your bend out, or position it for the next bend. The RDB-050 tube bender can bend up to 200 degrees and an anti spring back mechanism holds each bend in place as the operator ratchets forward.

All pivot points on the RDB-050 utilize aluminum bronze bushings and thrust washers, for long life. The hook arm has quick release inserts to assist when changing over the machine to a different size of tubing. A complete changeover should take no more than one minute.

The RDB-050 comes complete with the stand, bend handle and degree dial. Minimum CLR 3" Minimum OD .75" Mild Steel Solid Rod 1" Mild Steel Pipe Schedule 40 Call for Details Mild Steel Round Tube Wall 2.5" (.120) Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule 40 Call for Details Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall 2" (.120) Chromolly Round Tube Wall 2" (.120) Aluminum Pipe Sch. 40 Call for Details Aluminum Round Tube Wall 2.5" (.120) Max. Clr 7" Power Manual Shipping Weight 290 lbs. Shipping Dimensions 44" x 27" x 42"

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