Baileigh Industrial Welding Positioner WP-450

Baileigh Industrial Welding Positioner WP-450
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Almost every fabrication shop should have a welding positioner. These simple to use machines add an element to precision to any weld job. The WP-450 from Baileigh Industrial is no exception. This 110v positioner will fit in any shop and help increase production by reducing the handling and maneuvering of the parts.

The WP-450 Welding positioner has many great features, including solid state variable speed control, foot switch activation, forward/off/reverse switch control, and a durable DC permanent magnet gear head motor with easily accessible fuse for motor overload protection. For more information contact Baileigh Industrial.

•Table capacity 484 lbs •110V Foot pedal operated •Easy to use manual tilt •135° of tilt •13" turn table Vertical Capacity 484 lbs. Horizontal Capacity 242 lbs. Range of Movement 0 to 135 Degrees Turntable Size 13" Speed 0.4 to 4 rpm Drive Foot Pedal Power 110V Shipping Weight 99 lbs. Shipping Dimensions 24" x 24" x 24"

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