Baileigh Sheet Metal Brake HB-4816E

Baileigh Sheet Metal Brake HB-4816E
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Product Description

If you are looking for an economical sheet metal brake that has the capacity to do 16 gauge mild steel at a full 48, then the HB-4816E is the right machine for you. The HB-4816E will be at home in any school, HVAC, or fabrication shop. It has a maximum bend angel of 135 degrees and includes a bend stop rod for repeating bends.

The mail frame of the HB-4816E hand brake is fully welded with support rods to minimize flex and maximize stiffness when bending at full capacity. It features a material clamp at each end to ensure the correct pressure is applied for each bend. Blade gap is also adjustable on the HB-4816E. All pivots and clamping components are machined to exacting tolerances to achieve the best bend quality.

The HB-4816E sheet metal brake also comes with a bolt together stand, stop rod, and counter weight to assist with bending Thickness (SS) 16 ga. (20 ga.) Capacity 48" Bend Angle 0 135 Power Manual Shipping Weight 575 lbs. Length 48 Shipping Dimensions 63" x 16" x 23"

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