Baileigh Sheet Metal Brake HB-4816

Baileigh Sheet Metal Brake HB-4816
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The 48 metal bending brake is a staple of every fabrication shop. This size is perfect for most jobs and is small enough to be placed out of the way when not in use. With that being said Baileigh Industrial has what it believes to be the best 48 16 gauge straight brake on the market, the HB-4816.

The HB-4816 features a fully welded main frame that includes support trusses to eliminate flex at full capacity. This metal bending brake has two material clamps that rotate on cams for lifting and dropping the beam to clamp the sheet metal. All pivots and clamping components are machined to exacting tolerances to achieve the best bend quality. The blade gap can also be adjusted easily to adjust for different material thicknesses.

The HB-4816 also comes with a heavy duty modular stand that can be secured to the floor. And to help with bending a heavy counter weight is also standard. Thickness (SS) 16 ga. (20 ga.) Capacity 48" Bend Angle 0 135 Power Manual Shipping Weight 595 lbs. Length 48 Shipping Dimensions 64" x 28" x 30"

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