Baileigh Sheet Metal Finger Brake BB-4012F

Baileigh Sheet Metal Finger Brake BB-4012F
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Ever wonder what it would be like to have an extra hand when working on a sheet metal brake, two to hold the material and the other to clamp it in place. Well the Baileigh Industrial BB-4012F box and pan brake can help with this dilemma. Baileigh Industrial’s BB-4012F finger brake allows the operator to clamp the material with his/her foot, so both hands are free for perfect positioning of the sheet metal before clamping the material in place.

Although different from other sheet metal brakes on the market, the BB-4012F is definatly a Baileigh Industrial machine built form the best possible components. The BB-4012F finger brake comes standard with hardened fingers in an assortment of different widths to accommodate bending various sizes and shapes of tanks, pans, boxes and much more. Another nice feature of the BB-4012F box and pan brake is an easy to adjust gap adjustment, this is important to get a correct bend when braking various gauges of sheet metal. A spring loaded cylinder assists lifting the apron which gives assistance to the operator when bending at full capacity, which is an impressive 12 gauge mild steel at a full 40 inches. The BB-4012F sheet metal brake also features hardened fingers and bending die for long life and years for use. An adjustable stop rod rounds out the list of features for the BB-4012F.

Thickness (SS) 12 ga. (16 ga.) Box Depth 2.5" Bend Angle 0 – 135° Max. Clamping Bar Lift Foot Operated 1.85" Power Manual Shipping Weight 800 lbs. Length 40” Shipping Dimensions 58" x 25" x 50"

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