Bead Former BF-035

Bead Former BF-035
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Manual Bead Former for 3/8" OD Tubing with a Maximum wall Thickness of .035. The BF-035 bead former from Baileigh Industrial makes short work of hose beads on all types of tubing and is great for fuel, radiator, and intake lines. The BF-035 is a manual bead former for 3/8" OD tubing with a maximum wall thickness of .035 and can be bench or vise mounted with the included blocks. To make even faster work, the BF-035 has a removable handle that allows the user to adapt a square socket.

Like all Baileigh Industrial tools the BF-035 is made using only highest quality materials. All friction points are replaceable and run on bronze bushings for long life. The internal gears are precision machined and hardened for long life and the external housing has been machined form solid aluminum and anodized black.

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