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Bison 3 Jaw 12" Set Tru Forged Lathe chuck + Back Plate

Bison 3 Jaw 12" Set Tru Forged Lathe chuck + Back Plate

Item# 7-866-1200COMBO
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Product Description

12" Bison Chuck 3 Jaw "SetTru" Fine Adj Lathe Chuck + One Adapter Plate

"Set-Tru" T.I.R. 0.0004" With 4 Fine Adjustment Screws , Scroll Chuck, Forged Steel Body, 3-pinion Design.

Standard Accessories:
1 full set of two-piece reversible jaws hard and master jaws. 1 Set of mounting bolts 1 Set of fine adjustment screws 2 Hex Keys 1 Wrench

* Thru-Hole 4.005
* Eliminates the need for spring collets.
* 4 micro adjustment screws provide 0.0004" T.I.R. repeatability.
* Extremely high gripping concentricity.
* 2-piece hard top & master hard jaws are American Standard Tongue & Groove. 3 Total Jaws included + 3 masters.
* Chuck body made of high quality Forged steel, is safe at high lathe speeds.
* Forged Scroll fully hardened with thread flanks ground on both sides for longer life and higher accuracy.
* Hardened and ground bushings are pressed into the pinion seats.
* 3 pinions are hardened and ground
* Chuck wrench
* Each chuck is balanced within fine limits.
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