Bison 6" 4 Jaw Plain Mount Self-Centering Machine Fixture 7-640-006

Bison 6" 4 Jaw Plain Mount Self-Centering Machine Fixture 7-640-006
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Technical Specifications Base Thickness 6.93 Base Thru Hole Size 1.653 Base Bolt Hole Size 4.330 Bolt Hole Center Distance 5.669 Top Jaw Height 1.690 Top Jaw Length 2.640 Bolt Head Diameter .709 Size of Mounting Bolts .551 Number of Jaws 4 OD Clamping Range .118 - 6.300 ID Clamping Range 1.650 - 5.750 Class Lathe Chucks & Accessories Chuck Size 6 Hole Size 1.653 Model Number 640010 Weight 35 lbs Type Self-Centering Machine Fixture-Rectangular Base Base Length 6.50 Body Width 2.460 Slot Width .49 Base Width 8.460 Brand Name Bison Mount Plain Back

¡4-Jaw Self-Centering Machine Fixtures ¡Low Profile Forged Steel Body - Rectangular Base ¡Ideal for all types of milling, grinding, drilling and tapping operations on vertical and horizontal CNC machines and conventional milling and grinding machines ¡All surfaces are hardened and precision ground, square and parallel to an accuracy of 0.0008" ¡Precision steel body 4-jaw BISON scroll chuck guarantees repeatability within 0.0004" ¡American standard Two-Piece Tongue & Groove jaws ¡Soft top jaws are available ¡Ideal for pallet applications ¡Standard Accessories: 1 Set of two-piece reversible jaws (hard top & hard master jaws) 1 Ratchet wrench, 1 angled wrench 1 Set of mounting bolts with T-nuts ¡Optional Accessories: Soft Top Jaws

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