10" BISON 6-Jaw SET-TRU Chuck Solid OD/ID Jaws 7-868-8100

10" BISON 6-Jaw SET-TRU Chuck Solid OD/ID Jaws 7-868-8100
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Product Description

BISON 10" 6-Jaw (Solid) SET-TRU Fine Adjustment Forged Steel Chuck with 2 sets of OD/ID Hard Solid Jaws 7-868-8100

Bison SET-TRU Chucks can give your lathe the accuracy of a tool room lathe. Once dialed in you can count on .0003" total indicator run out (radial) and .0001 total indicator run out (axial).

Set-Tru Scroll Chucks have 3 pinions, or 3 positions for the chuck wrench. Compare with other well-known chucks which only use a single pinion design. Bison's finest product.

This well respected brand of chucks has been the long accepted standard for high quality European work holding technology. At your request an Ajax Chuck & Jaw Technician can assest in selection of a Bison Chuck to fit your application. Ajax sales and service 1 (800) 543-5998

0.0006" T.I.R. Repeatability

Each chuck is provided with:

1 Set of hard solid ID jaws

1 Set of hard solid OD jaws

1 Chuck wrench

1 Set of mounting bolts

1 Set of fine adjustment screws 1 hex key


Chuck Diameter D in 10

Maximum Speed RPM 2400

Weight lb 78

Hole Diameter d in 2.992

F in 8.8188

E in 5.7086

H in 3.504

h Solid Jaws in 1.339

C in 0.79

M Thread M12 x 1.75

M Qty 3

N Thread M18 x 1

N Qty 4

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