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Bison Front Mount Scroll Chuck - 5" Plain Mount 7-812-0500

Bison Front Mount Scroll Chuck - 5" Plain Mount 7-812-0500

Item# 7-812-0500
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Product Description

Can be mounted directly on 3/6 slot rotary tables or on a base plate when the rotary table has 3/6 or 4/8 T-slots

Base plates are designed for use with all rotary tables and other devices where back mounting chucks cannot be used

These chucks can also be mounted to a rough machined backplate, but will require machining of bolt hole patterns and projections for finished assembly

Technical Specifications Top Jaw Height 1.575

Mount Recess Depth .158

Mount Recess 3.740

Size of Mounting Bolts (3) 5/16-18 x 2.17

Mounting Bolt Radius 4.252

Number of Jaws 3

Class Lathe Chucks & Accessories

Chuck Size 5

Hole Size 1.259

Weight 14 lbs

Type Front Mounting Semi-Steel Self-Centering Scroll Chuck

Body Width 2.204

Brand Name Bison

Mount Plain Back

Designed for use with Rotary Tables where Back Mounting

Chucks cannot be used

Semi-Steel Body

Two-piece hard reversible jaws

Scroll and jaws are hardened and ground

Chuck Diameter D in 5

Weight lb 9.3

Hole Diameter d in 1.2598

F in 4.2520

E H7 in 3.7402

C in .1575

H in 2.205

h in 1.575

Mounting Bolts, Thread G 5/16-18 x 2.17

# of Bolts 3

Back Thread M M8

Clamping Range d1 (min-max) .118 - 1.97

Clamping Range d2 (min-max) 2.05 - 3.78

Clamping Range d3 (min-max) 3.74 - 4.92

Clamping Range d4 (min-max) 1.34 - 2.99

Clamping Range d5 (min-max) 2.95 - 4.65
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