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Cimcool Cimtech 304MA Coolent Undyed With InSol  5 Gallon B00005

Cimcool Cimtech 304MA Coolent Undyed With InSol 5 Gallon B00005

Item# B00005
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Cimcool Cimtech 304MA Coolent Undyed With InSol  5 Gallon B00005

Product Description

Cimcool Cimtech 304MA Undyed With InSol 5 Gallon B00005

InSol Technology puts lubricant at the cut zone-tooling interface so that lubrication and cooling are optimized. Since InSol Technology is water soluble, this great performance lasts longer due to lower depletion rates. Best of all, Insol Technology can help with tough alloys and even form tapping of aluminum.

Using CIMTECH fluids with InSol Technology can improve machining and grinding ratios significantly compared to conventional fluids.

DESCRIPTION CIMTECH 304MA with InSol Technology metalworking fluid is a unique, low pH synthetic fluid designed for the aerospace industry and is recommended for general purpose machining and grinding operations, including creep feed grinding, on non-ferrous or ferrous metals. Lubricity of this fluid on titanium, aluminum and even cast iron or steel makes it ideal for aerospace, automotive and general industry applications where a premium fluid is needed.

APPLICATION CIMTECH 304MA with InSol Technology can be used on wrought aluminum alloys (2024, 6061, 7050, 7075), cast aluminum alloys (380, 390), cast iron, nodular iron, carbon steels, stainless steels, titanium and other exotic alloys except magnesium alloys.. It is especially suited for high pressure and through-the-tool coolant delivery systems.


 State-of-art lubricity, tool life and surface finish

 Productivity gains over competitors

 Excellent rancidity control

 Rejects tramp oil which extends sump life

 Minimal need for additives

 Provides excellent part visibility

 Low misting

 Mild to skin

 Very low foaming even when used with de-ionized water

 Like all Cimcool Fluids, does not contain DCHA, Your one stop SHOP for CIMCOOL® FLUID TECHNOLOGY. We WELCOME The OPPORTUNITY to QUOTE in 55 Gallon Drums as well.
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