Circular Cold Saw CS-350M

Circular Cold Saw CS-350M
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220 Volt Three Phase Heavy Duty Manually Operated Cold Saw. 14" Blade Diameter 4.331" Round Capacity @ 90 Degrees and 2.953" Round @ 45 Degrees. Two Speed (26/52 RPM). Includes Self Centering Vice and Coolant System.

If you are looking for a circular cold saw that can handle anything you can throw at it, and have it last for years in any environment, then look at the CS-350M from Baileigh Industrial. Simply put, the CS-350M is the best cold saw on the market for the price. The CS-350M has a maximum capacity of 4-1/4 round at 90 degrees, and is the perfect choice for all fabrication cutting jobs like marine rails, playground equipment, hand railing, and various chassis applications. The CS-350M has the ability to miter from 45 degrees to the right to 90 degrees on the left, perfect for slotting applications.

The CS-350M includes many features that are not available on other saws in its price range, such as a unique self-centering vise that keeps the material perfectly centered with the blade for absolutely perfect cuts. The CS-350M also has a direct drive head that has all metal gears, which are ground and hardened for long life. And to ensure tight tolerances are kept throughout the life of the saw, the CS-350M has a backlash adjustment. To ensure long blade life, this circular cold saw has an industrial grade flood coolant system as well.

The CS-350M has two speeds at which the blade can turn, 26 and 52 rpm powered by its robust 4hp, 220volt three phase motor. The two speeds are important when cutting multiple types of materials.

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