CIMPERIAL® – Soluble Oils

CIMPERIAL® – Soluble Oils
The CIMPERIAL® line of products is designed for heavy-duty machining and grinding on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. CIMPERIAL® soluble oils offer long fluid life, corrosion protection, high lubricity, low foaming characteristics and excellent rancidity control. CIMPERIAL® METALWORKING FLUIDS are always “machine friendly” and engineered to save money on storage, handling, mixing, charging, makeup and maintenance costs. Many CIMPERIAL® fluids contain extreme pressure additives providing for enhanced machining and grinding performance capacilities in the most difficult applications., Your one stop SHOP for CIMCOOL® FLUID TECHNOLOGY. We WELCOME The OPPORTUNITY to QUOTE in 55 Gallon Drums as well. 1 (800) 543-5998

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