Disk and Belt Grinders

Disk and Belt Grinders
Baileigh Industrial grinding machines offers a heavy duty belt grinders, disc grinders and beveling machine line for smoothing burrs and chamfering metal. We have both floor stand and bench type models.

The stand alone belt grinder line consists of a 3" and 6" wide machine. Both belt grinding machines are 220 volt, single phase and have powerful motors and a dust extraction blower as well. The operator can work on the grinding wheel or lift the lid on the top to expose a large grinding area that is great for castings and other large items. These grinders and sanders come on solid triangular stands and the grinding machine can be pivoted in other positions to accommodate the project at hand.

The combination belt and disc grinder consists of two machines. The first machine is a bench mount machine that runs on 110V, single phase. It has a 6" disc and 2" wide belt that is perfect for general fabrication of smaller items. The second disc and belt grinder is a floor stand model that has a 6" wide belt and 10" disc.

We have the stand alone 20" disc grinder that requires 220 volt, three-phase to turn its huge disc well over 1000 rpm. This machine can be hooked up to a dust extraction system and has a variable angle table. Our disc grinder machines are heavily built for decades of abuse in any metal fabrication shop.

Finally we offer a quality metal beveler for chamfering bar stock before welding. This beveling machine has a variable angle table that can bevel up to 45 degrees. A Baileigh Industrial chamfering machine is a bench mount machine and requires 110 volts. This beveler is the perfect beveling machine for companies that need to weld steel or aluminum.

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