Disc and Belt Grinder DBG-106

Disc and Belt Grinder DBG-106
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The DBG-106 combination disc and belt grinder combines an abrasive disc grinder and abrasive belt grinder into one small unit saving a lot of floor space. This grinding machine unit has a powerful 1-1/2 hp motor that requires 110 volts of single phase power, meaning it can work in any fabrication shop setting. The abrasive disc grinder rotates at 2100 RPM and the abrasive belt grinder rotates at 1653 FPM. This is the perfect grinding machine for cleaning up burrs on metal, chamfering edges for welding, or cleaning up castings. Our abrasive belt grinders and disc grinders are built to very high standards and will serve your fabrication or machine shop for years to come. Large product support tables can be angled up to 45 degrees for mitering edges. There is a vacuum port that can be hooked up to any standard shop vacuum to assist with dust collection. The belt grinder has tension control and tracking adjustments as standard. Baileigh abrasive belt grinders and disc grinders are typically in stock.

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