Digital Readout System - #PROKIT1; 2-Axis; 12 x 30'' Series ProKit; For Milling Applications

Digital Readout System - #PROKIT1; 2-Axis; 12 x 30'' Series ProKit; For Milling Applications
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Product Description

Application Milling

Axis 2

Brand Name Fagor

Description For Milling Applications

Series 20i LED

Travel 12 x 30

Bolt-hole drilling - The DRO automatically calculates the position of the holes as the operator enters the data requested by it

◾Linear drilling calculation - It calculates, memorizes the position and guides the operator when executing linear drilling operations at any angle with respect to the axis with a fixed gap between holes

◾Tool radius compensation - In a milling operation with a rounded tool, its radius must be taken into account and it must be added to or subtracted from the position value depending on the machining direction - Once the tool value is entered, it is saved in the DRO's memory

◾Part centering - By touching two points of the part with the tool or with a probe, the DRO can calculate the center of the part by simply pressing a key

◾Up to 20 part zeros (datum points) - This feature makes it easier to work with several part zeros and may be used to save tool data and hole positions - The DRO offers greater flexibility to the operator

◾Part angle - This feature offers the possibility to measure angles in order to avoid part alignment errors - Thus, the inclination of the part may be corrected to obtain the right position

◾Corner rounding / machining of arcs - To be used in simple corner rounding or surfaces in arc in a plane defined by two linear axis

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