Digital Vibration Tester DVM-1000

Digital Vibration Tester DVM-1000
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Phase II now brings Vibration meters into the fold of our instrumentation line with the introduction of the State-of-the-art DVM-1000 Vibration Meter.

The multi-fucntional vibration meter will measure Velocity, Acceleration, Displacement, and RPM. Full frequency ranges are utilized for broad detection abilities.

Feature laden, the DVM-1000 Vibration Meter doesn’t pull any punches, offering statistics, inch/metric conversion, hold function, and more!! Features: •Quick accurate analysis for checking balance and alignment of a rotating object. •Large LCD display •Statistics: Mean, Max, MIN, No. of Measurements and Std deviation •Inch/Metric Conversion with the push of a button •Max Hold Function •Regulated Output(AC output 2.0v peak full scale

Specifications: Acceleration Peak Value: 0.1 – 200 m/s or 0.3-656 ft/m/s Frequency Range: 10Hz-1KHz Frequency Range: 10Hz-10KHz Velocity(RMS) RMS: 0.1-400 (mm/s) or 0.004 -16.0 inch/s Frequency Range: 10Hz-1KHz Displacement Peak to Peak 0.001 – 2.0(mm) or 0.04-80mil Frequency Range: 10Hz-500Hz RPM (revolution) 5-100,000 r/min Frequency 0.1 – 10KHz Accuracy <5% Operating Temp 0-45°C Power 4-AAA Batteries Dimensions 161 x 69 x 32mm Weight 300g

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