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Dunham 5C collet Chuck fits A-5 degree spindle

Dunham 5C collet Chuck fits A-5 degree spindle

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Dunham Tool manufactures a high quality 2j CNC collet chuck, 5c collet chuck, 16c collet chuck and 3j CNC collet chuck as well as many other sizes such as a 1c collet chuck and 3c collet chuck. These precision lathe chucks will mount directly to American Standard (A4, A5, A6, A8) and Camlock (D4, D5, D6, D8) style spindles. The Dunham Tool lathe chucks are also frequently used on cylindrical grinders, rotary tables, and many other machines. Dunham will provide all correct mounting adapters for spindle and rotary tables as well as draw tube adapters to accommodate your spindle, rotary table and draw tube requirements.

These productivity enhancing CNC collet chuck systems have a built-in concentricity adjustment (under 0.00050” TIR) and can be mounted on all American Standard spindles in less than 20 minutes. Only one complete lathe chuck assembly is required because each spindle adapter of the assembly will accept any Dunham Tool 16c, 2j, 3j and 5c collet adapter. Change-over is accomplished quickly and easily by the removal and replacement of only six bolts on the collet adapter Also available for Camlock style spindles.

Dunham air actuated collet chuck assemblies for converting CNC lathes and grinders to workholding with 16c, 2j, 3j and 5c collets are available.

•Available for American Standard, Camlock and special spindle noses

•Adapts CNC lathes for standard 16c, 2j, 3j and 5c collets, expanding collets, and 5c step chucks

•Each spindle mount accepts 16c, 2j, 3j and 5c collet adapter

•Built-in concentricity adjustment (under 0.00050” TIR)

•Workholders are actuated by machine closer

•Light weight permits higher turning speeds

•Balanced design for smooth running

•Easy and fast mounting (less than 20 minutes)

•Collet unaffected by centrifugal force

•Small body diameter reduces tool interference

•Consistently lower cost

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