English Wheels

English Wheels
Our metal forming and shaping english wheel machines consists of two models of machines with similar gauge capacities, but with varying throat depths. Our metal formaing and shaping machines are used by metal working craftsmen to form compound curves is sheet metal for the restoration of collectable cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. The material typically used on cars and motorcycles is mild steel, while aluminum is standard on airplanes. Our English wheels have an upper rolling wheel and come standard with several lower anvil wheels with different crowns to create different radius. Both English Wheel versions are floor stand metal forming and shaping machines and come complete with only minor assembly (no welding required).

English Wheel EW-28
Regular price: $895.00
Sale price: $885.25
English Wheel EW-40
Regular price: $1,695.00
Sale price: $1,620.25
Heavy Duty English Wheel EW-37HD
Regular price: $8,422.00
Sale price: $8,000.90
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