Hydraulic Ironworkers

Hydraulic Ironworkers
Baileigh Industrial has a fantastic hydraulic ironworker machine lineup that consists of five models from 50 tons up to 135 ton models. Each one of our powered machines has five fully integrated stations that functions using pure vertical motion at each station, thus increasing tooling life and stress on the machine. Most other hydraulic ironworkers function using some form of pivot mechanisms decreasing the overall life of the tooling and the machine. All of our models have a shearing design that leaves no wasted material, common on some of the most popular brands out there.

4 Station Hydraulic Ironworker SW-443
Regular price: $6,995.00
Sale price: $6,645.00
4 Station Hydraulic Ironworker SW-441
Regular price: $7,795.00
Sale price: $7,305.25
Baileigh Hydraulic Ironworker SW-501
Regular price: $12,995.00
Sale price: $11,680.25
Hydraulic Ironworker SW-623
Regular price: $17,195.00
Sale price: $16,290.25
Hydraulic Iron Worker SW-621
Regular price: $18,295.00
Sale price: $17,430.25
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