Jacobs .039 - .512" Capacity - 2JT Mount - HD Plain Keyless Drill Chuck

Jacobs .039 - .512" Capacity - 2JT Mount - HD Plain Keyless Drill Chuck
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Product Description

Super Chuck® Ball Bearing Chuck

Specifically engineered for heavy-duty, close tolerance production drilling

Adaptable to a wide range of production drilling equipment, jig borers, milling machines, lathes and radials

Utilizing a ball thrust bearing to reduce friction in the chuck closing mechanism, it permits the application of more gripping force on drill shanks to maximize drilling torque

Ball bearing construction maximizes gripping force and drilling accuracy

Jaws center-ground for absolute straightness and alignment

Through–hardened sleeve teeth plus hardened nose and keyholes provide outstanding wear resistance

T.I.R. .003" Maximum at half capacity


Brand Name Jacobs

Capacity English .039 - .512

Capacity Metric 1-13

Model Number JKP 130-J2

Mount 2JT

Type High Precision Keyless Drill Chuck


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