K20RS Radial Abrasive Saw

K20RS Radial Abrasive Saw
Item# K20RS
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Product Description

Specifications for this item:


Part Number K20RS-3 /220

Item Weight 1,100 pounds

Number of Items 1

Overall Height 45 inches

Overall Length 60 inches

Overall Width 28 inches

Product Features:

Motor: 15HP, SD 3PH, 220V

Made in the U.S.A

Great for structural steel, wide parts

Cut chop style or radial style for long parts

Product Description:

Kalamazoo K20RS-220-3 Abrasive Saws 15HP, SD 3PH, 220V, Radial Saw.

STANDARD FEATURES: Made in the U.S.A.; Great for structural steel, wide parts; Cut chop style or radial style for long parts; Saw head moves lengthwise for wide cuts; Saw head locks in place for chop action; Foot operated chain vise; Magnetic switch; Less abrasive wheel; Voltage requires 220V or 440V/3 Phase/60 Hz.

SPECIFICATIONS: Cutting Capacity, Structural (in.): 6 x 18; Cutting Capacity, I-beam (in.): 6 x 18; Cutting Capacity, Shapes (in.): 6 x 18; Abrasive Wheel Diameter (in.): 20; Wheel Arbor (in.): 1; Spindle Speed (RPM): 2,500; TEFC Motor: 15 HP, 220V/3 Phase/60 Hz.; Machine Dimensions (in./L x W x H): 60 x 28 x 45; Machine Weight (lbs.): 1,100.

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