Kalmazoo BG214 Backstand Grinder

Kalmazoo BG214 Backstand Grinder
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Product Description

Kalamazoo Industries Inc., introduces the new BG214 double headed backstand grinder featuring dual 3 x 132 belt grinding heads for fast metal removal! This dual belt grinding unit allows the operator to run multiple belt grits at once on one grinder unit. The dual belt grinding heads of the BG214 nearly eliminates grinder down time, increases operator productivity and increases product output.

The BG214 belt grinder features an easy access design that allows the operator to access the 14 x 3 contact wheel so they can snag,roughing, grinding, contouring, angles and shaping.

The BG214 belt grinders have an open area design for contact wheel access, a 3 x 132 belt, a 10HP TEFC motor, belt driven grinding heads, 6 vacuum port, and a 6300 SFPM belt speed.


Great for steel foundries, aggressive grinding, descaling, deburring, and finishing.

-Back stand tracking.

-Easy setup.

-Easy clean out.

-Vacuum attachment.

-Magnetic switch.

-Isolation pads.

-Parts table.

-Easy to replace parts and change belts.

-Variable speed drive

-Work Table

-Other size backstand grinding units available.

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