Kennedy 360R Mechanics' Tool Chest

Kennedy 360R Mechanics' Tool Chest
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Product Description

Kennedy 360R Tool Boxes, Cases & Chests; Type: Tool Chest; Number of Drawers: 10; Width (Inch): 26-1/8; Depth (Inch): 12-1/16; Height (Inch): 18-7/8; Material: Steel Back to top

Product Specifications

Type Tool Chest Number of Drawers 10 Width (Inch) 26-1/8 Depth (Inch) 12-1/16 Height (Inch) 18-7/8 Material Steel Color Red Smooth Size A Number of Drawers 6 Size A Drawer Width (Inch) 6-7/8 Size A Drawer Depth (Inch) 10-3/4 Size A Drawer Height (Inch) 2 Size B Number of Drawers 1 Size B Drawer Width (Inch) 6-7/8 Size B Drawer Depth (Inch) 10-3/4 Size B Drawer Height (Inch) 6-1/4 Size C Number of Drawers 2 Size C Drawer Width (Inch) 22-7/8 Size C Drawer Depth (Inch) 10-3/4 Size C Drawer Height (Inch) 2 Size D Number of Drawers 1 Size D Drawer Width (Inch) 22-7/8 Size D Drawer Depth (Inch) 10-3/4 Size D Drawer Height (Inch) 3 Compartment A Type Top Till Compartment A Width (Inch) 26 Compartment A Depth (Inch) 11-7/8 Compartment A Height (Inch) 2-5/8 Compartment B Type Tote Tray Compartment B Width (Inch) 19-1/2 Compartment B Depth (Inch) 7-3/4 Compartment B Height (Inch) 3-3/8 Additional Information Mechanics' Tool Chest

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