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KURT Carvelock 6"  Vise With Aluminum Jaw Kit HDM6AL

KURT Carvelock 6" Vise With Aluminum Jaw Kit HDM6AL

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KURT Carvelock 6"  Vise With Aluminum Jaw Kit HDM6AL

Product Description


The manually actuated HD CarvLock Vises are high-density, heavy-duty systems and feature two clamping stations with machinable jaws.

The two station model (HDM6) has an overall length of just 13.750 inch, weighs just 48 lbs. and is designed on a rugged 80,000 PSI ductile iron base.

Without compromising part holding accuracy, this Kurt CarvLock™ HDM6 vise produces approximately 11,000 lbs. of clamping force at 100 lbs. of torque with repeatable clamping to .001 inches.

Available in 2-station pallet, 4-station tombstone (back-to-back) and 8-station towers, these new Kurt high density, heavy duty products are available in manual and hydraulic models for use on vertical and horizontal machining centers.

"Kurt's new High Density, Heavy Duty workholding combines the best in ductile iron and aluminum vise designs," reports Steve Kane, Kurt Sales Manager. "The two station base model is a real bulldog of a vise. Its rugged ductile iron base insures strength, rigidity and long term accuracy while the reduced length and carvable aluminum jaws reduce bulk and table load."

Another important feature of the HDM6 is the smaller footprint which reduces spindle travel, part to part, maximizing throughput without compromising holding accuracy. The ductile iron vise body resists flexing while it absorbs machine vibration.

Kurt's CarvLock HDM6 features include: adjustable preloaded movable jaw for fast part loading, easy movable jaw removal without tools, enclosed vise body keeps out chips and contaminants makes cleanup fast and easy.

The HDM6 comes with a quick change jaw block system which includes a set of 7075 T-6 aluminum jaw blocks or a set of ductile iron jaw blocks (1.73 inch standard thickness, 2.50 inch optional thickness). Screw and nut assemblies are reversible with the vise body. One jaw kit will handle two different parts. Also available as an option is a 7075 T-6 aluminum pallet faceplate.

The overall vise is very compact, making possible maximum density workholding across the full range of today’s machining centers.

The HD Vise is equipped with quick change Anglock jaws in either aluminum or cast iron, depending on application requirements.

It is only available in a 6 inch wide model.

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