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Kurt Mechanical Power Lock Drawbar Fits Bridgeport 2J BR6000

Kurt Mechanical Power Lock Drawbar Fits Bridgeport 2J BR6000

Item# BR6000
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Kurt Mechanical Power Lock Drawbar Fits Bridgeport 2J BR6000

Product Description

Available for most manual & CNC mills with standard R-8 collets or 30 or 40 taper tool holders.

Automate your present “Knee-Type” milling machines by installing a Kurt PowerLock Drawbar.

PowerLock Drawbars reduce tool change time and allow more cutting time in the cycle.

This eliminates waste.

The whole process using the Kurt automatic or mechanical PowerLock Drawbar cuts the tool change time to one-fourth the time required to change tools manually with wrenches.

An added benefit is consistent torque on the drawbar rod.

When you multiply the time savings for every tool change on all of your mills, it can really add up.


• Easy installation - operator can install with no special tools (instructions provided).

• Reduces operator fatigue - improves productivity and safety.

• Eliminates drawbar tapping to free tool in collet - reduces operator abuse.

• Convenient control - eliminates operator stretching to reach the drawbar.

• Assures uniform collet tightening - prevents under tightening and tool slip or over tightening and drawbar breakage.

• Operates on shop air supply - filter/lubricator, regulator and gauge included with most units. Provides clean oiled air to ensure long life.

• Safety interlock on automatic models prevents accidental engagement.

• Used with present tooling - operates R-8, #30 & #40 taper tool holders.

Additional special tool holders not needed.

Available for R-8 collets, #30 or #40 taper tool holders.
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