Little Giant Flood Type Coolant Unit NX502MC5

Little Giant Flood Type Coolant Unit NX502MC5
Item# NX502MC5
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Product Description

Technical Specifications Replacement Pump NK-2

Tank Capacity 5 Gallon

Horse Power 1/40

Flow 64

Size 8 x 10-15/16 x 16-9/16

Weight 19 lbs

Type Pump

Brand Name Little Giant

Machine Tool Coolant Units - "Flood Type"

Coolant units for any machine tool operation.The flow of coolant liquids can be regulated to any desired amount or completely shut off without harmful effects to the motor. Centrifugal pumps are used in all machine tool coolant units. Five gallon tanks are poly-ethylene, ten gallon tanks are heavy gauge steel. Screen and chip collector are easily removable for fast cleaning. (V-MC has plastic tank.)

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