Manual Coldsaw CS-275EU

Manual Coldsaw CS-275EU
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110 Volt European Style Manually Operated Cold Saw. 11" Blade Diameter. 3.3" Round Capacity @ 90 Degrees and 2-1/2" Round @ 45 Degrees. 4" Maximum Vise Opening. Includes Coolant System.

Do you do light metal fabrication or chassis building? If so, the CS-275EU is the right saw for you. This 110volt circular cold saw features an 11 blade that turns at 54 rpm. It has a 3-1/4 round capacity at 90 degrees, big enough for just about any chassis project.

The CS-275EU is built to provide years of service, with its fully cast iron head, robust 1.5hp motor, and heavy duty vise. The vise uses a cam lock system that allows for fast material loading and unloading. It also has second support on the opposite side of the blade to help ensure perfect cuts. The head on the CS-275EU swivels to 45 degrees in both the left and right directions, making this the perfect saw for various shapes and materials like pipe, angle iron, solid bar, and channel materials.

Like all the EU style cold saws from Baileigh Industrial, the CS-275EU comes standard with a sturdy stand, heavy cast base, simple to use control panel, flood coolant system, and material stop rod.

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