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Machinery's Handbook, 32nd Edition, Large Print and Machinist Calc Pro 2 Combo

Machinery's Handbook, 32nd Edition, Large Print and Machinist Calc Pro 2 Combo

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Since publication of the first edition more than 100 years ago, Machinery’s Handbook has been acclaimed as the most popular, bestselling engineering resource of all time. Universally considered the principal reference in the manufacturing, metalworking, and mechanical industries, the Handbook is the ultimate collection of essential information. Now more than 3,000 pages, with thousands of revisions and updates throughout, Machinery’s Handbook is the must-have technical reference.

New, Revised, and Expanded in the 32nd Edition Additive Manufacturing: Expert discussions, exploring 3D printing materials, techniques, and workflow, have been updated, with an expanded list of international standards addressing this rapidly evolving manufacturing segment.

Dimensioning and Measuring: Reworked explanations and instructions cover calibrating, applying, and reading inch and metric verniers, dial and digital calipers, and inside, outside, and screw thread micrometers. Formulas for calculating tolerances are refined. Fasteners, Threads, and Threading: Definitive standard specifications for numerous screw threads, bolts, other fasteners, nuts and washers, tap and clearance drills, and more, have been verified and updated across the board, with revised and new tables and figures. Machine Elements: Expanded sections detail drive couplings, shaft alignment methods, and friction and lubrication challenges, with a new section on regulated food grade machine lubricants. Revised and new rolling element bearings text and tables explain types, functionality, and features, with additional figures.

Metalworking and Manufacturing: New expert coverage with detailed illustrations addresses commonly used metalworking dies, design, and selection, along with related processes and applications for sheet metalworking. Improvements in the welding section include pipe welding positioning. Part Design and Production: Updates encompass the latest in CNC programming, CAD/CAM operations, and other design and production processes. New to this edition is CNC machining of carbon-fiber reinforced polymers, plus discussions of shop-floor programming, simulation for pre-production process verification, feature based machining, and computer-aided modeling optimization. Properties and Selection of Materials: Legacy elements and modern-day plastics data have been revised, with new information on embodied energy of materials, supply chain cost and carbon footprint calculations, recycling and reclamation considerations, and polymer composite structures and production methods. Machinist Calc Pro 2 This dedicated handheld machining math and reference tool provides a complete assortment of machine shop solutions. Features include:

Materials and tool settings are combined with DOC and WOC to solve speed and feed calculations for face, end, or slot milling, plus turning, drilling, boring, and built-in tables for 20 materials, 6 processes, and 3 tools (high-speed steel, carbide, and high-performance). Step-saving drill and thread chart look-ups, right triangle solutions, bolt-circle patterns with center x, y coordinates, drill point cut depth solutions, wire sizes, and 3-wire measurements. Built-in functions, including trigonometric functions and calculations for feeds and speeds—cutting speed, spindle speed, cutting feed, feed per tooth/chip load, and more. Option to numeric, fractional, and metric thread sizes and drill sizes to display tap, roll tap, close, and free fit drill sizes, plus pitch, major and minor diameters, and much more.
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