Manual Iron Worker SW-22M

Manual Iron Worker SW-22M
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Manually Operated Ironworker. 5/8" Solid Round Mild Steel Shearing Capacity. 5/8" Solid Square Mild Steel Shearing Capacity. 4" x 3/8" Flat Bar Mild Steel Shearing Capacity. 2" x 1/8" Angle Shearing Capacity.

Have the need to do shearing of stock but donít have the budget for a full, fledged hydraulic ironworker, then look at the SW-22M from Baileigh Industrial. The SW-22M manual ironworker is a great addition to the small fabrication shop that would like a lot of the same features as a fully equipped hydraulic ironworker, but at a fraction of the price and foot print.

Made from fully welded plate steel, the SW-22M manual ironworker from Baileigh Industrial allows the operator to shear; solid square, solid round, flat bar and angle iron of varying thicknesses. The SW-22M uses a gear to transfer the power from your arm to the blades via a heavy duty handle. A material back stop is also included for light production work.

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