Manual Mandrel Benders

Manual Mandrel Benders
Baileigh Industrial offers the HMB-1125 manual mandrel bender for those applications where a powered NC or CNC is too much machine for smaller production requirements. Baileigh’s manual mandrel tube benders come standard with a 10’ extraction table with other lengths available. A digital positioning readout is standard along with a clutched gear reducing activation handle that offers maximum power to bend up to 1-1/8” OD tubing. Due to its size and capacity this mandrel bender is a great work cell machine for any production manufacturing setting with smaller output requirements.

Manual Mandrel Bender HMB-1125
Regular price: $8,995.00
Sale price: $8,605.25
Baileigh Rotary Draw Tube & Pipe Bender NEW RDB-100
Regular price: $2,495.00
Sale price: $2,395.00
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