Manually Operated Coldsaw CS-225M

Manually Operated Coldsaw CS-225M
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Manually Operated 8-1/2" Portable Cold Cut Cold Saw, 110V 60Htz.

The CS-225M cold cut saw from Baileigh Industrial is the perfect saw for any shop that has need for a light production or a portable saw that still provides great, mill-like cuts. Cold cut saws are great for cutting tubing, pipe, angle iron, solids and much more, the CS-225M is no exception. It has a 9 blade that allows for a maximum of 2-1/2 round capacity at 90 degrees, and has the ability to miter 45 degrees to the left. The CS-225M has a 1hp motor, powered by 110 volts, that spins at an optimal 50rpm for cutting many different kinds of materials.

This bench top saw is filled with great features only found on more expensive saws, like a self-centering vice that grips the material on both sides of the blade for extra support during the cutting process. For even more strength, the direct drive gear box on the CS-225M is encased in a fully machined cast iron housing to ensure proper alignment and long life. The CS-225M also has a heavy duty base that doubles as a coolant reservoir for its flood coolant system. The pump on this system is a mechanical type that requires less maintenance than other style pumps. An integrated stop rod is also included to help with repeatability when doing small production runs.

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