Metal Cutting Band Saw BS-712M

Metal Cutting Band Saw BS-712M
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Donít have the room for individual horizontal and vertical band saws? Take a look at the versatile BS-712M from Baileigh Industrial. This compact band saw can be run in the traditional, horizontal position for general cut offs, or in the vertical position by just lifting the bow and locking it in place. Now itís ready for precise shape cutting. Powered by 110 volts, this do all machine can be used anywhere, and includes wheels for portability. Just because itís portable doesnít mean that it canít cut large material, as the BS-712M has a 7Ē OD round and a 7Ē x 10-1/4Ē rectangle capacity. Mitering can also be done easily on the BS-712M by simply loosening the vise and rotating it to the proper angle.

The head and bow of the BS-712M are made from heavy duty cast iron thatís been precisely machined to exacting tolerances. This machining ensures proper alignment for any cutting process. A pair of adjustable guides attached to the heavy duty head, along with eight sealed ball bearings help align the blade, and increase the life of the blade. Add a chip removal brush, blade and flood coolant system to the BS-712M manual band saw, and you have one great package.

-110 Volt Metal Cutting Band Saw -Vertical Cutting Option. -Mitering Vice. 3/4" Blade Width. -Three Cutting Speeds (125, 215, 270 FPM). -Includes Blade Tension Device, Direct Drive Gear Box, Hydraulic Decent Control

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