#NF6160 Noga NF Holder W/Double F/A

#NF6160 Noga NF Holder W/Double F/A
Item# NF6160
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Product Description

New double fine adjustment - Bottom: unique single direction; Top: universal swivel clamp

Powerful ON/OFF magnetic base with 70 lbs force

Holds 6mm, 8mm 3/8", dovetail, and back lug

Unique central locking mechanism with Noga designed spring loaded bearing

Five axis holder

Instantly fastens in any position

Fast and easy to set up gauges into required position

Black finished arms

Bottom arm measures 56mm

Top arm measures 51mm

Indicator NOT included


Brand Name Noga

Description Magnetic Base with Double Fine Adjustment

Holds 70LBF

Model Number NF6160

Spindle (Arm) Length 56mm x 51mm

Stem Hole 6mm, 8mm, 3/8, Dovetail, Back Lug

Actual Weight - 1.2000

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