Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Cold Saw CS-355SA

Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Cold Saw CS-355SA
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When cutting non-ferrous material, such as aluminum or copper, you need a high speed cut off saw to ensure a great cut every time. The CS-355SA semi-automatic high speed cut off saw from Baileigh Industrial is a great choice because of the 220 volt three phase, 5.5hp high speed motor that turns 3200 RPM, which is perfect for cutting those soft metals known for gumming up blades. The CS-355SA has a maximum capacity of 4-1/4 round at 90 degrees, and the ability to miter from 45 degrees to the right to 90 degrees on the left, this is the perfect saw for any shop.

Operation of the CS-355SA semi-automatic cut off saw could not be easier, simply place the material in the vise and push the foot pedal. The vise will clamp the material; the blade will start up and lower itself cutting the material. Once the cut is complete the blade will shut off and the head will raise back up. This process saves time and effort of the operator and will also make the shop more efficient as well as prolong blade life due to the consistent decent speed.

Based off of the CS-350M cold saw that has been a staple in the Baileigh Industrial line for a long time, the CS-355SA is built to last. The only difference between the two is how the blade is driven; the CS-355SAs motor drives a belt to achieve maximum RPMs as quickly as possible with few moving parts to break down. A self centering vise also comes standard on the CS-355SA, so there are no changes to make when changing diameters of tube or pipe. So the material is securely held in place there is a jaw on both the left and right sides of the blade. A flood coolant system is also included to help with the quality of cut.

220 Volt Three Phase Heavy Duty Semi-Automatic Aluminum Cutting Cold Saw. 14" Blade Diameter. 4.331" Round Capacity @ 90 Degrees and 2.953" Round @ 45 Degrees. Blade Turns at 3200 RPM. Includes Self Centering Vice and Coolant System.

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