Baileigh Industrial's metal notchers consists of a sheet metal notcher and tube and pipe notcher line. These sheet metal notchers and tube and pipe notcher machines are typically in stock for shipments within 72 hours from a confirmed order.

Our sheet metal notchers consists of four models including a hand or foot powered machine for up 16 gauge sheet metal, as well as two hydraulic sheet metal notchers with capacities up to 6 mm mild steel. The hydraulic notching machines come in variable or fixed angle versions and come standard with a patented blade gap adjustment.

Baileigh Industrials vast tube and pipe notchers consists of nine different models from fixed angle manual or powered machines to variable angle hole saw, abrasive or end mill style machines, most of which can produce offsets as well.

A Baileigh manual pipe notcher is perfect for the maintenance shop where repair or reconfiguration of hand railing might take place. These notching machines can be wall mounted for perfect notches every time. We also offer an electric die cut tube notchers that is perfect for the playground equipment manufacturers for straight and very fast notches every time.

Our hole saw tube notcher machines come in two versions. One is a simple and low cost solution that is drill press mounted and driven which can miter (non-offsets) up to 60 degrees. The next version uses a powerful industrial grade gear box and motor that drives the hole saw into the round tubing and pipe being notched. This notching machine can miter up to 75 degrees and does have off set notching capabilities.

We offer two versions of abrasive tubing notchers. A four inch wide belt version and a 6 inch wide belt version allows for complex bends up to 3-1/2 inch OD. Both notching machines operate using standard off the shelf 79 inch belts and operate using 220 V, single phase.

Finally we offer our patented end mill version, the Eccentric Cut tube and pipe notcher. This notcher machine can notch up to 3 inch OD using just one end mill that travels through a pre-programmed eccentric path. This tube notcher comes standard with a fast adjusting vise and allows for variable angle notches and offsets. This is the perfect pipe and tube notcher for structural, racing and off road chassis, steam pipe, and many more applications.

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