Programming of CNC Machines, 4th Edition 9780831135249

Programming of CNC Machines, 4th Edition 9780831135249
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Programming of CNC Machines, 4th Edition 9780831135249
Programming of CNC Machines, 4th Edition


Written in a simple, easy-to-understand language by Ken Evans, a skilled programmer with many years of experience teaching CNC machining to industry and in the classroom, this new edition of Programming of CNC Machines offers a new chapter on feature-based Machining using Siemens, plus a new chapter featuring Fanuc NC guide I programming.

It provides full descriptions of many operation and programming functions and illustrates their practical applications through examples. It provides in-depth information on how to program turning and milling machines, which is applicable to almost all control systems.

It keeps all theoretical explanations to a minimum throughout so that they do not distort an understanding of the programming. And because of the wide range of information available about the selection of tools, cutting speeds, and the technology of machining, it is sure to benefit engineers, programmers, supervisors, and machine operators who need ready access to information that will solve CNC operation and programming problems.


Contains a new chapter 6 that introduces Feature-Based Machining using Siemens NX 9.0 CAM.

A new chapter 7 has been added that features FANUC NC Guide I programming for the popular Oi. This chapter also provides step-by-step examples for Turning & Machine Center programs.

Chapter 8 on Mazatrol Conversational Programming has been expanded to include programming examples and study questions.

Chapter 5 on CAD/CAM has been updated to include the current version of Mastercam X8 software.

Accompanying the text is the 4th edition of the Student Workbook (978-0-8311-3600-0), which provides many practical exercises designed to verify comprehension of CNC programming.

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