Sheet Metal Brakes, Box and Pan Brake

Sheet Metal Brakes, Box and Pan Brake
Baileigh's sheet metal brakes are regarded as an industry standard in HVAC and metal fabrication shops throughout North America and parts of Europe. Each sheet metal brake has been articulately designed and constructed to offer value and profit to the fabricator for a reasonable investment that will offer your organization decades of use.

Baileigh offers one of the most extensive lines of bending brakes on the market today. We have metal bending brakes from 24 inches up to 13 feet in length. Capacities range from 22 gauge down to 10 gauge mild steel. We offer standard manual leaf or programmable hydraulic type bending brake machines. Our sheet metal brakes can be broken down into two classifications, straight brakes or box and pan brakes.

Our box and pan brake brakes are all constructed with the best quality steel on the market and designed for years of service. Where needed we use heavy duty truss rods on the lifting apron and upper beam. Depending on the bending brake machine we use springs, counter weights or hydraulics to help lift the apron. Our sheet metal brakes have lubrication points where needed and have hardened fingers and surface areas where needed. Sturdy floor frames are standard.

The manual straight brake and standard box and pan sheet metal Benders clamp the material with the top beam with the finger or die. Then the counter weighted assist helps the operator lift the bottom apron to complete the bend. Stop rods help with repeating the same angles and gap adjustments assist when changing materials and thicknesses.

Besides manual leaf brakes in straight or box and pan style brakes, we also offer a European style foot clamp box and pan brake. This type of bending brake machine is unique because it uses a foot pedal to clamp the fingers down on the piece of sheet metal. Bending is assisted with a spring torsion system.

Finally we offer a hydraulic metal brake series that is a leaf style machine but has a hydraulic apron. We offer these style machines in 10, 12 and 14 gauges. These metal brake machines can run in a manual or automatic mode. The leaf position is programmable for repeatable bends every time. Our hydraulic sheet metal brake line comes in widths from 4 to 10 feet wide and offer the perfect solution to the fabricator who requires more production in heavier gauges

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