Sheet Metal Shears

Sheet Metal Shears
Baileigh's metal shears consists of a sheet metal cutting machine for all thickness down to 10 gauge mild steel. Our line of metal cutting machines includes foot operated models, as well as hydraulic operated models. Baileigh sheet metal shears are heavily built to withstand years of cutting at full capacity. Each model we sell ships standard with a set of high carbon, high chromium blades that offer years of service and can be re-surface ground for additional cutting life. Each model is equipped with finger guards and front arm extensions for safety and protection. Though the machines have been designed for shearing various metals, other materials like plastics can be cut as well.

The SF-5216 foot shear was designed for shearing mild steel through 16 gauge, and 20 gauge stainless steel. It is also ideal for shearing plastic, aluminum, brass and copper. This foot shear is so rigidly built that it can cut at full capacity (16GA) across the entire useful width (52") without any blade deflection.

Baileigh's hydraulic shears consist of the SH-5214 and SH-5210. Each hydraulic shear comes with a powerful hydraulic system that is powered by 220 volt, single phase, 60 hertz power. The SH-5214 is a powerful metal cutting machine capable of cutting mild steel sheet metal through 14 gauge, and 18 gauge stainless steel. The SH-5210 has the strength to cut 52" wide sheets of mild steel through 10GA and 14GA stainless steel.

Baileigh sells sheet metal fabrication equipment throughout North America and Europe. Our sheet metal machinery is built to offer the small or medium fabrication shop decades of service. Please click on the machine of interest above to find out more.

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