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ShrinkPRO Quencher Machine 8 Free Holders

ShrinkPRO Quencher Machine 8 Free Holders

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Product Description

The Quencher Cools Tools in Only 30 Seconds!

Change tool and back to spindle in under 1 minute!

Auto-Quench means you never touch a hot toolholder

Flexible Operates on 208V up to 480V

The Quencher ShrinkFIT machine features a liquid cooling cycle that is 250% faster than air-cooled units. Cooling time is to less than 30 seconds! The hot tool is immersed in the Quench Tank and the cool tool is returned to the shrink position in only 30 seconds and automatically dried using shop air.

The Quencher is a great choice for dedicated tool changing stations or cellular workflows, because it can operate on voltages from 208 - 480VAC.

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